Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Ophelia Sexy Has a New Home


We all like to indulge in a little fantasy from time to time. Whether you’re day dreaming about being a pro-motocross rider whilst riding the MTR, or acting out a multi-scene homage to Caligula in your living room, it’s fun to leave the real world behind and let your imagination take you on a journey.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, Wan Chai’s newest speakeasy is sure to deliver.

Ophelia, the creation of celebrated designer Ashley Sutton and the first bar concept by Dining Concepts, has opened at The Avenue, offering both touches of Hong Kong’s rich history and plenty of opportunities for minds to wander. Pass through Mr Wong’s traditional bird shop into a truly unique spaced themed on the ornithologist’s most prized possession, a Javanese peacock. The lush, opulent cocktail bar beyond is dressed with intricate metalwork, plush velvet furniture, luxurious leather inlays, and dazzling tile. There are hints of Hong Kong’s opium den past, creating an enclave where the lines between reality and fantasy are deliberately blurred and where playful sin is de rigueur. Explore the vibe from room to room – there’s a spacious, steel-lined covered terrace complete with an oversized birdcage, used during mesmerizing nightly performances; a distinctly modern tapas menu by Australian chef Angus Harrison; and a cocktail bar basking in golden light where drinks are inspired by the enigmatic Ophelia’s Cabinet of Curiosities (we love the Le Plumage, made with Sagatiba cachaça, blood orange, gold slab syrup, lime, and chilli-infused pineapple). Reserve your table well ahead, time your visit with the evening’s entertainment, and soak up all that inspiration.

You never know where the night might take you.

Shop 39A–41A,
1/F, The Avenue,
Lee Tung Avenue,
Wan Chai Open 6pm-2am,
Ophelia Facebook Pgahe


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