Moonshine & Po’Boys Time for Some Southern Innovation


Southern cuisine sometimes gets a bad rap. Sure, it’s not always the healthiest, but it’s wholesome, simplistic home cooking that’s ideal for fending off winter’s last passata sotto.

It’s all about good flavours, good company and good times, and when you add a lick or two of moonshine into the mix the conversation flows as easy as the waters of the mighty Mississippi.

That’s the premise anyway. The city’s newest Southern scheme is Moonshine & Po’Boys, named for two of the greatest things to cross the Mason-Dixie Line, illegal hooch and Louisiana shrimp man-wiches. Although Moonshine & Po’Boys don’t make their own spirit, this authentic alleyway hideaway crafts up a cunning selection of inventive elixirs, from the cacao butter old fashioned with peach bitters; and the peanut butter and popcorn milkshake with Makers Mark (naturally); to the smoked bacon old fashioned with chocolate bitters, served in a glass skull, that’s so good it could bring tears to the eyes of even the hardiest confederate. Seal the deal with overflowing seafood boils of king prawns, lobsters and clams (this is man date territory only); Cajun fried chicken with crunchy coleslaw; Iberico baby back ribs with signature Jack Daniel and peach BBQ sauce; and DIY blackened catfish tacos with jalapeno tartar.

Finger licking, mandatory.


Moonshine & Po’Boys
4 Sun Street,
Wan Chai,
Tel: 2776 2668;


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