The Saint Dialing it Down


New York is called the city that never sleeps, but from where we stand, Hong Kong is a strong contender for that crown – if it hasn't stolen it already.

Hong Kong is a city that’s always ‘on’; we work hard, but we play even harder thanks to a raucous nightlife that never shuts down if you know where to go. Every day brings something new to the city, whether it’s restaurants, bars, parties, shows, or experiences. The problem with Hong Kong is that it can all get a bit much sometimes, so it’s nice when something a little more laid back comes along, offering a change of pace that encourages you to relax and rejuvenate for your next plunge into the maddening crowds.

Newly-opened British gastropub The Saint is just one of these places. Taking over the Elgin Street spot that formerly housed the SoHo branch of McSorley’s Alehouse, the new unfussy eatery/watering hole features all-new broody, dark décor, simple, comfort food-inspired menus, and a quiet atmosphere. Gin is the house specialty, so grab a table and order up some of the ‘Gin Libations’, laced with specialty spirits – try the Eastside or Victorian Mojito to start you off. When hunger strikes, order a round of starters – think fried risotto balls, ‘crispy’ camembert, and deep- fried truffled potato wedges – then move onto man-approved mains like IPA Beef Pie, Fish ‘N Chips, Seared Flank Steak, or the Gourmet Burger. Best of all, a soon-to-be-opened ‘Gin Terrace’ will be a choice spot for afternoon sessions come summer.

We can all seek a little refuge in a quality G&T.

The Saint
55 Elgin Street, SoHo
Tel: 2522 2646


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