Getting a Little Irish Cut Us, Do We Not Bleed Green?




Every March, many of us either proclaim Irish Heritage or jump on the green band wagon, all in celebration of good old St Patty. Whether or not you found yourself (and your initials) at the bottom of a warm Guinness pint glass this year, you can keep the festive spirit going strong all year long with these Irish-inspired cocktails.


The Black Velvet

150318 - Black Velvet

A rather unusual combination, this blend of Guinness and champagne in a ratio of 1:1 was supposedly created by a London steward while mourning of the death of Queen Victoria’s husband in 1861. It’s silky, potent, and a real conversation starter. 


Celtic Twilight

150318 - Celtic Twilight

Perhaps more popular with the ladies than the lads in green, this panty slipper is an equal blend of Bushmills Irish whiskey, one of the country’s top drops, Bailey’s Irish Cream, a bar staple, and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. Serve it with plenty of ice.


Esky’s Hotpot

150318 - Eskys Hot Spot

For something a bit headier, start the evening off with a health-giving elixir created by Esquire founder Arnold Gingrich. Throw a cube of sugar, two hefty dashes of Jameson Irish whiskey ,and a couple of lemon peels into a thick-rimmed glass. Top with boiling water to make an Irish hot toddy that’s bound to keep you warm the whole night through.


Guinness Affogato

150318 - Guiness Float

Equal parts Irish and Italian, this softer approach to St Paddy’s day involves a shot of espresso and plenty of Guinness black gold being poured over scoops of vanilla ice cream. The perfect tipple to share with someone special.


The Brainstorm

150318 - Brainstorm

Finally, this is the perfect sipper for when you’re out somewhere classy. With two ounces of Irish whiskey, a dash of French white vermouth, and a hefty slug of Benedictine, the ingredients should be shaken over ice and strained into a martini glass before being garnished with an orange peel. Guaranteed as fiery as a leprechaun’s…well you get the drift.


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