Wednesday, 21.2.2018

The Continental Admiralty’s New Class Act


It seems whenever you think of the word ‘Continental,’ it conjures up a sense of old world charm, of hospitality steeped in tradition, of an attention to detail that we rarely encounter in today’s fast paced world.

 From the continental breakfast to the Continental GT, we associate this particular word with style and finesse, an inherent appreciation of the simplicity found in the finer things in life.

So it is with The Continental, the newest restaurant venture by Swire, which recently opened at Pacific Place. With a spacious main dining room - with the tables suitably spaced, not crammed together – and an expansive terrace perfect for post meal cigars against a backdrop of lit skyscrapers, this is where you take guests you need to impress, without breaking the bank in the process. A European menu devised by chef Rowley Leigh (he of Le Café Anglais, Kensington Place, and Le Poulbot fame) and boasting distinct Franco-Anglaise leanings, is served with crisp military-like precision in a space designed by David Collins Studio and architect Thomas Heatherwick. Stand out dishes range from raw tuna with ginger dressing; and chicken and goat’s cheese mousse with olives; through to half racks of Australian lamb, with black pepper and garlic, matched with an impressive wine list of Old and New World classics. This is where you bring your parents for lunch to ease them into their first Hong Kong expedition; where you celebrate a new contract in style but on your own dime; or where you rally the troops for alfresco steaks after the festive season hiatus. It’s elegant without the pomp, luxury without the heart-stopping price tag.

Think of it as French finesse and British sensibility.



The Continental
Unit 406, L4 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty; Tel: 27045211;



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