Thursday, 14.12.2017

Akrame Celebrating Attention to Detail


If you think about it, the older we get the more we appreciate precision; with the passing of years, we start to notice attention to detail, to crave the bespoke, to covet the curated, and to revel in the mastery of the artisans.

 Of course, in no art form is this more prevalent than in cuisine, where chefs can make or break restaurants, the fickle nature of our palates making or breaking chefs.

One chef that’s going from strength to strength is double Michelin-starred Akrame Benallal, whose year- old eponymously Hong Kong restaurant is a gastronomic destination for lovers of detail. Hidden away on Ship Street, Akrame is home to a harmonious marriage between French technique and the bold, sometimes eclectic flare of the young chef. Four and six-course tasting menus are a collage of colours and textures; some combinations of the new menu are daring, like the crab with pepper and coffee, while others, including the grilled cauliflower with almonds and orange blossom, are sublime culinary choreography, especially when paired with a stellar wine list and crisp Old World service. As perfect a place to celebrate as it is to spark the passions of a new femme du jour, this intimate 30-seat restaurant is all about enjoying inspiration.

And hopefully finding your own.



9 Ship St, Wan Chai, 2528 5068


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