Gaucho Release Your Inner Cowboy


When you were a little tyke, there’s a high chance you fancied, at one stage or another, being a cowboy.

Perhaps it was the Lone Ranger, dated Spaghetti Westerns on TV, or the allure of riding off into the sunset at the end of an adventure that caught your imagination. The vast open spaces, the camaraderie on the prairie, the solitude in which a man could think; these were, and remain, powerful elements of the cowboy fantasy. And of course, if you grew up in South America, you’d be dreaming of becoming a gaucho, one of the hardened horse whispering men of the Patagonian grasslands. 

If you don’t have time for a City Slickers weekend yet crave a good cut of beef, Gaucho, a London-born Argentinian steakhouse, has opened in Central. With sleek, distinctly modern décor punctuated by plenty of cow hides, and a menu of the finest grass-fed, free-range Angus beef from Argentina, Gaucho is the perfect he-haunt this winter. Assemble the lads in the private dining room, opt for a couple of bodacious Bonardas from the Argentina-heavy wine list, and feast on flame-grilled steaks doused in chimichurri sauce and turned only once to lock in the flavor. Although there is a host of other authentic dishes on offer, from zesty Ecuadorian ceviche to pork belly confit, it’s the signature flamed cuts of beef that have seduced Gaucho’s loyal London following.

Think of it as a cookout for the modern urban gunslinger.



5/F, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road Central, +852 2386 8090


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