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Privacy is not something to be taken for granted in Hong Kong.

Most of us have a view of little other than a sky cluttered with apartment blocks, and in some of the more severe cases – Sohoites you know who you are – of nosey neighbors looking right back. This, combined with Hong Kong’s typically tiny flats, can make entertaining in any space other than the bedroom (where it’s par for the course) an exercise in contortionism.

The city’s newest private kitchen, The Popsy Room, combines fine-dining and modern art in an intimate but thoroughly secluded space on Sheung Wan’s Upper Lanscar Row that’s as much a gallery as it is a private kitchen. The “multi-sensory” restaurant’s arty patron, Jennifer Chung, and chef Kaze Lo combine an ever-changing exhibition of contemporary art with a nine-course set menu that’s inspired by the works on the wall. While weekday dinners are open to individual tables, on the weekends the gallery-cum-kitchen is available for private groups of 12-20 – ideal for in-depth discussions on the merits of constructivism over realism - perhaps over your favourite bottle of corkage-free Chilean red.

Time to brush up on your art history.


 The Popsy Room
Nine course menu from HK$1,388 per person. No corkage. Tel: 2234 6711


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