Bao Wow Putting the Wow Back into the Bao


It’s true that Hong Kong seems to have only recently discovered the delectable satisfaction of the traditional Taiwanese bao, with a plethora of specialists opening up, and the humble Chinese hamburger being added to menus across town. But as we’ve found with past forays into the biosphere, not everyone has adopted the laid back, blue collar roots of these simple snacks, instead adding a thin veneer of authenticity and a price tag that belongs in the city’s tourist traps.

But not Wan Chai’s Bao Wow. Serving up both the traditional Taiwanese baos which owners Wendy Wong and Gerald Lau developed addictions for on regular visits to Formosa, as well as a few modern innovations (think sesame ginger pork chop and Shanghainese pang pang chicken), Bao Wow is all about simple, fun food, in a casual dine-and-dash setting, and with a price tag that will have you coming back for thirds. Baos stuffed with kimchi bulgogi, tempura fish, or braised pork belly and Chinese relish should come with warning labels – they’re addictive and best served with sides like chilli con carne and Kimchilli Cheese Fries, as well as Asian beers and chilled sake. Each fluffy bao is made fresh daily, and the true palate pleaser is the bao platter, a choice of three flavours and six baos that are guaranteed to have you singing.


Bao Wow
28 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai


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