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While there are certain times when it’s okay – nay, prudent – to be picky, most men pride themselves on their ability to find sweet contentment in the simplest of circumstances. We can spend a day fishing with mates, without caring if we catch anything. We love road trips for their camaraderie, not for their final destination; and we revel in the company at our table more than the artistry of the plate before us. As men, we can find solace in elegant simplicity, a ‘joy of nothing’ to quote the recent Foy Vance hit, especially when it comes to dining. 

Enter Fish & Meat, the newest innovation by the clever bunnies at Maximal Concepts (they of the Blue Butcher, Play, Brickhouse and Stockton success). Overlooking Wyndham Street, Fish & Meat, as the name might hint, is all about elegant simplicity, about letting the ingredients speak for themselves and about employing rustic, time-tested cooking techniques. Culinary director Malcolm Wood and head chef Russel Doctrove have created a delectable menu laced with the likes of soft duck egg ravioli; tender tuna taratare; roasted New Zealand langoustines; Dutch veal chop Milanese; and whole Italian sea bass with fennel and a romesco sauce. Perfect for sharing over tantalising conversation, these hearty home-style dishes are matched with an innovative cocktail list – the Farm House Jam with vodka, blueberry conserve, thyme and chilled Prosecco is stellar – and a wine list designed to impress your palate more than your dining companions.

Find beauty in simplicity.

Fish & Meat
1 & 2/F, 32 Wyndham Street, Central
2565 6788




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