Tai Tai Pies


Few dishes boast the simplistic perfection of the pie. A myriad of fillings lovingly embraced by perfectly cooked, golden brown pastry, this humble dish sates the appetite and soothes the soul. Yet getting a well-made pie in Hong Kong can sometimes be a mission; those that are available either don’t get the ratio of filo to filling right, or come with a price tag that breaks with the humble pie’s distinctly working class roots. It’s enough to make a grown man weep with hunger.

Chef RJ Asher’s Tai Tai Pies will turn those frowns upside down; using the finest imported ingredients including French butter for golden crusts and American flour, Tai Tai Pies make a kaleidoscopic range of home-style pies, from English, American and Australian classics like pumpkin or Shepard’s pie, through to the chef’s own modern interpretations, like the Big Breakfast Pie, or the rich Steak & Guinness, a true crowd pleaser. If you’re looking to celebrate a festive season from home; if you’re looking for a warm slice of nostalgia; or if it’s your turn to cook and you’re a culinary dyslexic, simply jump online and choose from their extensive menu. If you have your own recipe in mind they even take requests, with the results delivered to your door.

Because after all, it’s all about satisfaction.  



Tai Tai Pies
From HK$550 for 9.5-inch
6082 8768


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