Wine Rack for Xmas '13 ‘Tis the Season


It’s finally upon us. The so-called silly season. That fun, exhausting and – let’s be honest – expensive time of year when we find multiple reasons to celebrate. Social, trendsetting gents the world over are seeing the calendars fill up with raucous company Christmas parties, more raucous (and infinitely more fun) holiday parties with friends, and perhaps, if they can rouse themselves the morning after, stints of frantic shopping to check off their naughty or nice list. In the midst of all this mayhem, the brave among us will throw open our doors to friends and family for a holiday party of their own, and the way to be the host with the most is to keep the food and drink flowing.

You might be on your own for food, but when it comes to liquid sustenance, Wine Rack is a dream for the undoubtedly frazzled party host. The online retailer offers quality wines, beers, spirits, and ciders at great value, as well as a selection of choice non-alcoholic offerings (making you look like the perfect host with everyone’s best interests at heart). The one-stop-shop offers free delivery on a mix of six bottles – for the indecisive, there are pre-mixed cases to make it easy – and you can choose drops from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, France, Italy, Spain and the US. For those wanting to offer guests a little something different, try a few bottles of Henney’s Dry Cider. A real classic English-style cider it’s a great compromise for men tossing up between making wine or beer the night’s indulgence.

One less reason to stress this holiday season.

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Wine Rack
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