Le Dome de Cristal The Dome of Silence


Hong Kong has, you might have noticed recently, a lot of people. Although the government likes to say the population isn’t on the increase, it’s increasingly difficult to find a little slice of solitude where you, and perhaps the femme du jour, can cozy up over a glass of vintage champagne and whisper sweet pickup lines in her ear. After all, what’s the point of you using some of your best, time-weathered, tried-and-tested material if she can’t hear you over the din of house music and other people’s revelry?

The new Le Dome de Cristal, the world’s first Cristal champagne-themed restaurant, is just the ticket. Secluded at the top of the Galleria in Central, you’ll find tranquility under the restaurant’s eye-catching vaulted dome and have access to an enviable list of Louis Roederer’s finest drops, as well as a handful of innovative Cristal-laced concoctions from the cocktail bar. Book ahead for a booth and try the tasting menu – it’s a seven-course conversation starter matched with vintage and non-vintage bubbles – before retiring to one of the private lounge suites on the expansive terrace (they have blankets should you get a chill), serenaded by the lights of the city scape and elixirs of the bartending team.

Our favourite is called the Midnight Kiss.



Le Dome de Cristal
3F The Galleria, 9 Queens’s Rd Central
2116 4688
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