IM Teppanyaki Out on Show


Performance isn’t a priority for most chefs; innovation, ingredients, dedication to their art – for leading talents in the culinary world, these things will always come first. That said, you ask a lot of chefs what’s the one thing they miss while being cooped up in a hot kitchen, and it’s being able to see the effect their dishes have on their guests. Show kitchens, private restaurants, even cooking classes, are all designed to break down the barriers between chef and diner like never before, turning a cook into a host, a performer, and a guru.

Case in point, acclaimed chef Lawrence Mok’s new teppanyaki joint in Tai Hang. Here is a chef who has been at the top of his game for decades, serving up mouthwatering cuisine at the Island Shangri-La and Inakaya at the ICC, but rarely seeing the results of his labours. Catering to just 26 guests around two hot plate kitchens, Mok’s IM Teppanyaki is an ideal third date spot; the menu, crafted by Mok, with head chef Calgine Cheng (pictured) and chef Stone Chen, laces traditional teppanyaki fare – including a sterling selection of both Australian Angus and Japanese Wagyu beef cuts - with hints of Hong Kong. It’s a chance for Mok to be front and centre, to cook for a handful of lucky souls, to inform and entertain with stories on the origins of his art and the quirks behind some of the ingredients he uses. There is an extensive wine list catering to the affluent new palates of the neighborhood, and two set menus which include everything from melt-in-your-mouth foie gras with summer fruits, to fresh Hokkaido scallops and even delicate lobster tail.

Think of it as dinner and a show.

IM Teppanyaki
134 Tung Li Wun, Tai Hang
2570 7088



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