Tango Argentinian Steak House Our Favourite Steak in Hong Kong


Sometimes, a man’s just got to have a steak. The tragedy is that a huge premium is placed on red meat in the city, but that also means when you head out for a ribeye, it had better be up to scratch. Gold by Harlan Goldstein is a good choice - you’ll always have a good steak there - but it also makes you feel like you’ve been felt up in the showers, and then had your wallet nicked, so it can’t be a regular thing. Tango, on the other hand, is protein paradise and relatively affordable.

The restaurant has been around for a while, but many of you will have walked straight past it because it’s located on that messy part of Wyndham Street. Take our word for it though, it’s worth grabbing a seat. At HK$298, the 12-oz sirloin is probably the best value steak on the menu but if you want to go nuts, they also offer a 25-oz t-bone for two that costs HK$1098. Remember we said, “relatively” affordable.

All their steaks are flown in from Argentina so you know they’re the real deal, but the real value comes from the cooking method. The beef is scorched over an open fire so the seal on the steak is delicious. Don’t start mucking around with their other food options either because you’ll be disappointed – you’re here for the steak. And their selection of deep Spanish and South American reds is excellent, blackening your teeth just in time to join the melee of Wyndham street as a re-awakened carnivore.

Sate that craving.

Tango Argentinian Steak House
1/F, 77 Wyndham Street, Central
2525 5808


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