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Ever get a hankering for a "real bar", one that plays Lynard Skynard and the Rolling Stones, a bar where, if the DJ even thinks about playing Barbie Girl, we lynch him? A place where main meals are measured by the pound, where the drinks are regularly over-proof and even the jello shots are man-spirit infused? A bar where Hong Kong’s Hello Kitty chicks are replaced by "real women", who can knock back a Cosmo in one gulp, arm wrestle you into submission and still take you home to show you their…sensitive side?

Bourbon, the latest addition to the Igor's Group which opened last night in Soho, is just such a paradise. Doused in hard-wood American charm, this stylish watering hole-cum-restaurant is not for the faint hearted. Bourbon from the US and beyond plays quarterback to the whiskey linebackers from Scotland, Ireland and Canada. There are 36 bourbons and counting, the rarest of which is the Pappa Van Winkle 20-year-old Family Reserve that goes for $190 a shot. If you bring in a bottle of good bourbon from abroad, they’ll even buy it off you and shout you a steak for your troubles. Even the signature cocktail is a bourbon cocktail (duh!) with a giant (and we mean freaky big) Cajun-spiced shrimp – finally a cocktail garnish that doubles as an entrée. There’s also a smoker (not the X-files kind) out back, adding a range of unique-to-Hong Kong delicacies to a menu, which also features Big Brunch on weekends, served with skillet eggs and bottomless Bloody Caesars.

Bloody Man-tastic.

27-29 Elgin Street, Soho

The Nuts & Bolts:
Bourbon, the latest restaurant to hit Hong Kong, serves over 36 bourbons with American charm that puts George Bush to shame


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