Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Sake by Footballer Nakata Sake by Japanese Footballer Hidetoshi Nakata


Once upon a time Hidetoshi Nakata was one of the most famous footballers on the planet, but he was arguably more famous for his Japanese heritage than his qualities on the pitch. A pioneer in an era when Asian imports to the great leagues of Europe were rare, he’s now harnessing his celebrity status as well as his Japanese roots in a grand new venture – making premium sake. They’re only making 800 bottles a year, priced at US$1,000. Branding is an extraordinary thing.

One of the few limitations of being a footballer is not being able to drink, so it comes as no surprise that Nakata tried over 1,000 different varieties before he was happy with his brew. Made by Takagi Shuzo, a winemaker established in 1685, the sake is a blend of “A” rank Yamadanishiki and Aiyama rice which is farmed in the Hyogo prefecture. If that means anything to you, this might be a product of interest. So long as you capitalised on the fall of the Iron Curtain and have billions of roubles.

The sake is available at a few choice Japanese restaurants around the world but if you’re looking for a private purchase, Quintessentially have dibs on a few bottles. It’s the sort of thing you might get for a corporate present - certainly when you’re not paying - but if you’re trying to schmooze a Japanese client, why not? Just make sure he catches a glimpse of the bill.

Sake bombs?

"N" by Nakata
2540 8595


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