Po's Atelier Artisanal Bakery in Sheung Wan


Freshly baked bread is glorious stuff, particularly in Hong Kong where, unless you’re exceptionally well organised, you only really get the good stuff in fancy restaurants before you order. Supermarket bread here is generally dreadful, while cakes in the city tend to be too sweet and packed full of artificial flavours. We say “generally” because a new kid is on the bakery block, a very well dressed kid, called Po’s Atelier.

Located in Sheung Wan, Po’s is everything you want in a bakery. The brainchild of photographer Jonathan Leijonhufvud and art director Vincent Cheng (which shows in the minimalist interior design) Po’s specialises in Japanese-French fare. Every morning the heady smell of freshly baked bread wafts out of its doors, a groin-ticklingly delightful aroma which is the work of another partner in the project, the famous Japanese chef, Masami Asano.

They serve all kinds of baked goods from a loaf of sour dough (HK$120) to chocolate danishes (HK$18) with some exotic numbers thrown in like Oolong fig bread. Another winner, the scones of the day, tend to sell out before noon so head there early if you’re a scone nut. Happily, they’ve also opened a place next door to sit down and eat called Café Deadend which sells sandwiches, breakfast, salads, coffee – you know the drill. For those lazy days when you’ve done enough walking and just want to spend your money consuming everything in your sight.

Huge POtential.

Po's Atelier
G/F, 62 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
6056 8005


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