Wednesday, 29.3.2017

Beertopia Hong Kong 2013 HK's Only Intl Craft Beer Festival


Beer. It's glorious. If you're lady orders one in front of the boys your chest swells with pride. It means you've got a woman who knows how to have a good time, if not what it means to be feminine. It'll also mean you've got company at Beertopia, which after its remarkably successful first edition last year, returns to Hong Kong on Saturday, April 13. Don't have a big one the night before or you'll have a melt down before you even get started.

The city's only international craft beer festival is taking place on the West Kowloon Waterfront and has a formidable lineup. There'll be food stalls, live music, over 200 different beers (up from 90 last year), and you can also learn about the good stuff in the beer lecture tent. Imagine that - a lecture on beer. What schools we could create, what institutions, with desks made out of hops and exams measured in pint glasses.

Tickets cost HK$250/300 for early birds or HK$300/350 on the door, including 5/10 tasting coupons depending on your spend. The event will be split into an afternoon and an evening session, and if you ask us, we'd go for the earlier one. Walking around the city a little pickled while the sun's still up is one of life's great pleasures. Plus, it really leaves the door open for where your evening takes you.

Manna from the gods.


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