Wednesday, 21.2.2018

London Cut Cigars in HK Bourbon Infused or Gold Leaf Cigars


Cigars are pretty bloody manly. Bourbon too. Add in a splash of gold leaf and you’re a lighter away from becoming the gentlemen’s gentlemen. Or a rap star – it would really depend on what else you’re wearing. Whichever way you look at it, cigars infused with bourbon, or smokes wrapped in gold leaf, are plain awesome - a vibrant mix of testosterone and ostentatious good living. It’s the type of thing you should light up after your company’s IPO, or after crashing your boat into your ex-wife’s private marina.

London Cut Cigars are the geniuses behind these new beauties. Their Black Tie, Gold Hand-Rolled Cigar Box Set, for instance, is priced at a cool US$4,800 and includes 20 fine Dominican cigars rolled in 24K edible gold, a Custom Black Tie Cutter and Black Glass Top Humidor. There are some products so outrageous they make you angry, but there are other products so outrageous they make you smile, wonder and desire. This is one of the latter.

The company’s other great offering, the London Cut Bourbon-Aged Cigar (US$240), is a real find. They take their house cigar and infuse it with bourbon, a perfect accompaniment to your favourite tipple at the end of a night. Shipping to Hong Kong costs US$50, so if you’ve got a big birthday coming up, a divorce, or anything else momentous on the horizon, you know how to celebrate.

Scarface style.


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