The Bottle Shop, HK HK's Largest Craft Beer Supplier


The Bottle Shop has arrived in HK, a craft beer retailer with over 200 labels in its catalogue. By their reckoning that makes them the biggest supplier in Hong Kong, a city which has been pushing hard for a craft beer renaissance in recent few years. As the owners point out, for less than a coffee you can be sipping on a quality brewski delivered to your door. Although it's a dangerous road if you start replacing one with the other.

You simply click on their website and pick what you want from their treasure trove of beery goodness. For instance, they've introduced some completely new Aussie numbers to the HK market such as Hawthorn Pale Ale, Mountain Goat IPA and Hahn Premium. They're currently revamping their website so you order through their email address for now - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - but the new site should be up and running in January. Unfortunate as that is for your dry start to the year.

Purchases over HK$450 are delivered for free (otherwise it's a HK$50 charge), and you receive a 5 - 10% discount on each case you buy (depending on the case). If you're looking for a few brewskis to steer you between the wine stage and port leg of Christmas, they're a great option. After all, these are beers you can drink without the sun, without even the slightest chance you'll be sipping on a Jaeger Bomb later in the evening, and frankly, without company.

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