The Helenia Sous-vide Masters Slow Water Bath Cooking Specialist


The Helenia is a delightful restaurant that prides itself on sous-vide, or water bath, cooking. Located in Tai Hang, the eatery was founded by a chap called Jonathan who walked past what was then a dilapidated garage and decided to transform it into a charming bistro. It only accommodates 18 people and serves just one seating per night which means you don't get shunted out to make way for the next troop. That's a pet hate of ours, right up there with no reservation policies and refusing to serve tap water. The cheek of it.

What's more, because you have to order at least a day in advance (it's slow cooked food after all) you don't have to endure the blind panic of picking the best thing on the menu while everyone else around you looks so smug. The 5-course set dinner is constantly changing but at the moment it starts with Hokkaido scallops cooked sous-vide, followed by the restaurant's signature smoky bacon, pesto linguine. We have it on good authority that this dish is imbued with the kind of magic you'd find in Gandalf's staff.

Up next is a cleansing sorbet (currently lychee) which lays the foundation for the sous-vide main course. The latter ranges from rib eye to Canadian pork rack and Norwegian salmon - all served with black truffle potatoes and seasonal veggies. Priced at HK$560 - 680, the meal reaches its conclusion with coffee and dessert (lemon tart as things stand), while corkage is HK$100 per bottle with a 2-4-1 special. Pissed as a trout and content as a supersonic skydiver for less than a grand - it doesn't get much better than that.

Helen of Hong Kong.


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