Le Whaf Inhalable Cocktails Astonishing Device Turns Beverages into Gas


Le Whaf is an extraordinary piece of kit that turns any alcoholic beverage - be it a dirty martini or a beer - into inhalable vapour. We know it sounds like fantasy but it’s brought to you by the same guys behind inhalable caffeine and inhalable chocolate so you know it’s the real deal. Next time you’re caught in the office late on a Friday and have to play catch up, just grab half a bottle of King Edward’s and Whaf it up your nose.

The dispenser costs €129 and you simply pour in your favourite beverage (it doesn’t have to be alcoholic), watch it get vapourised and then suck up the goodness through the company’s specially designed straws. You can even do it with your favourite foods (so long as they can be liquidised) such as a lemon tart. Can you imagine if Asian delights like stinky tofu or natto got Le Whaffed? It’d be worse than a Japanese sarin gas attack.

What’s particularly special about the product is that it keeps all the flavour notes as well as the alcoholic content intact despite the transformation. The carafe itself, meanwhile, is made from glass and stainless steel so it also fits in with your uber trendy apartment. In fact, come to think of it, Le Whaf is made for a bachelor/house-warming party. You get to play the debonair host (stay away from black shirts) while the children in the flat above get smashed on the gases seeping through the ceiling.

What a load of Whaffle.


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