Dutch Cheese & More in HK Dutch Cheese & Wine Shop Opens in HK


The Dutch Cheese & More has just opened at 232 Queen’s Rd. Central, a shop dedicated to Dutch cheese, wine (from South Africa) and accessories. To be honest, we didn’t know much cheese came out of Holland apart from Gouda (and judging by their products we weren’t wide of the mark) but we loved everything we tried. If only they had a shop assistant modelled on Goldmember – it’s hard to be believe that accent exists.

They stock three Goudas (young, mature and aged), three types of Dutch farm cheese (likewise aged, mature and young) as well as some more adventurous varieties like pesto, goat and chilli. The surprise winner was pesto - we could have scoffed a wheel of it - and in fact you can buy a whole wheel for around HK$4,000. Despite that extraordinary sum, the price point of the shop is actually its biggest draw. You can get a decent hunk of Gouda for about HK$50 which is great news for your wallet but not so good for furry arteries.

They also sell cheese rolls, cheese boards, cheese accessories and in the near future, cheese toasties, but the other main draw is their branded wine. Produced by several estates in South Africa, the wine is made using traditional Dutch agricultural methods, costs HK$100 a pop and is available in Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinotage. Throw in a golden cape, some roller-skates and you've got one hell of an Austin Powers party.

It’s Gouda for you.


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