Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Genie Juice Fasting in HK Juice Fasting Arrives in HK


Genie has brought juice fasting – the notion of only consuming juice for a few days – to Hong Kong. Established by two young Aussie lasses, we think it’s going to be a hit because Hong Kongers love dramatic regimes. The city is overflowing with those ridiculously large tubs of protein and super foods that should emit a roar when opened. And we all know guys who can’t do without their vegetable shakes in the morning and running up The Peak. Vomit.

They’ve been open for a month and you can challenge yourself with a 1-day, 3-day, or 5-day package. Each day you’ll receive a refrigerated pack containing six juices pressed from 8kg of fruit and veg. Flavours range from the awesome Garden Gnome (apple, pear lime, ginger and organic spirulina) to the grotesque Four Leaf Clover (spinach, celery, apple, parsley and pink Himalayan salt). They’re all incredibly well produced but we’ve never understood celery in a drink. Frankly, we’ve never understood celery full stop.

Some of their customers have been using it to lose weight (guilty) but the idea is to flush your body of all its toxins. They even use a hydraulic cold press (which unlike a conventional blender doesn’t produce any heat) and that's important because above 38°C fruit and veg begins to pasteurise and lose its nutritional value. Their branding is spot on, they’ll deliver from Sheung Wan to CWB (or arrange pick up) and you can taste the goodness. The only downside is that one day costs HK$600 but that’s the nature of a dietary fad. You’re paying to avoid the truth.

Genie in a bottle.


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