Thursday, 19.10.2017

Whisky Blender Make your Own Whisky


Whisky Blender is a cool site where you can blend your own scotch and learn more about the golden nectar. What we most like is its humility. In the ‘About’ section they say, ‘We know that this doesn't compare to the excellent work that professional master blenders do to give us beautifully crafted whiskies... it's just a wee bit of fun.’ Trust the Scots to start a sentence with excellent diction and finish like a punch-drunk peasant.

You make your brew in The Blending Lab which couldn’t be more satisfying to use. You simply tap the buttons to add more or less of the seven house whiskies, as chosen by Master of Malt, John Lamond. Options include Burnt Puddin’, Vanilla Fudge and Touch of Spice, which can be added or subtracted in denominations of 10ml or 100ml. We double dare you to order 700ml (the capacity) of just Smoke on the Water. It'll put hairs on your chest.

The average cost is £45 (plus £40 shipping to HK) and the whisky comes in a smart bottle with a hand-written label. Plus, if you’ve got social media diarrhea, it’s set up to be mentioned on Twitter and Facebook. Elsewhere on the site, meanwhile, you’ll find clips explaining some of the fundamentals of whisky as well as wise words from John Lamond, the high priest of whisky. We offer ourselves as his loyal disciples.

Bottom’s up.


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