Saturday, 21.10.2017

Wine Rack - Best Value in HK? Good Wines at Great Prices


It's a mystery to us that the abolition of Hong Kong wine tax in 2008 hasn't really pushed prices down, but a relatively young company, Wine Rack, is now filling the gap bottle by bottle. Their focus is Australia and New Zealand and they’re about as cheap as you can get in Hong Kong. Think Welcome Vs Market Place. Or Mong Kok street walkers V Wan Chai.

The founders set up the company because they were similarly frustrated that wines weren’t cheaper. Consequently, they sell top New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from HK$69 and quality Aussie Shiraz from HK$49. Although they have a small selection (roughly 40 labels) their products have been carefully chosen. More to the point, they have no overheads so they can maintain extremely low prices which means you’ll have extra cash to eat out even if it’s not Super Monday.

Their biggest sellers are two Sauvignon Blancs, Pebble Row (HK$69) and Vavasour (HK$89). The latter was named best Sauvignon Blanc in the world by Decanter in 2010, and to put that value into perspective, they typically retail for HK$190 and HK$160. In the future they also hope to stock meat and cheese, while beyond that, they’d like to open a SoHo restaurant with wines starting at HK$100. It would be packed - regardless of the food - which would make for a rather novel eatery.

Rack ‘em up.

Partner Pulsit.


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