Pizza Beer for HK? Pizza Beer Looking for HK Distributor


A husband and wife team from Chicago have developed a brilliant pizza beer and they're looking for a Hong Kong distributor. Back in 2006 they were home brewers making beer as a hobby but after picking up a few ribbons at beer festivals they put it into limited production. Jay Leno says it's great and we fully endorse a beer that tastes like pizza. It's in the same boat as cheese and marmite, or chili and chocolate. Like Stephen Hawking they don't sound right but they're some of the world's greatest treasures.

They add basil, tomato, oregano and garlic to the usual ingredients you find in beer and their original approach was quickly picked up by the American media. Having built up some momentum and quit their day jobs, they spent a long time trying to partner with a brewery to expand. They eventually found a brewery just outside Milwaukee willing to produce Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer and have made 500 barrels in total. Talk about the American Dream.

Retailing at USD1.99-3.99 for a pint, one Californian restaurateur uses it to make his pizza dough and picked up best pizza in the West at the International Pizza Expo in 2009. The point is that it's awesome - and we want to see it in Hong Kong. We ask you to help your fellow man by getting in touch with founder, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to bring it to these shores. Who knows, it could turn into the next Red Bull - and might leave you with just as unmistakeable an aftertaste.

Pizza Beer - enough said.


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