Casa Private Kitchen Mid-Levels Fine Dining


Casa is an intimate private kitchen in Mid-Levels that can seat up to 16 people. It continues our obsession with private kitchens but unlike a lot of them in Hong Kong, this one feels genuinely private. Most of the others are just restaurants offering BYOB. In a proper private kitchen you should feel like a small family would just about survive without social services.

They serve modern European food and currently have three menus available - Pork, Land & Sea, and Game & Poultry – which are all fairly self explanatory. Highlights of the Land & Sea menu included steak tartar and kahlua oreo cheesecake which was delicious but we’re pretty sure that’s American food rather than European. And if there’s one thing Americans are sticklers for it’s their cultural identity. All 250 years of it.

The menus start at HK$650pp which is steep but you’d only visit for a special occasion, and although the interior's a bit gloomy no two chairs are the same. It’s BYO and there’s no corkage charge because they don’t have a liqueur license, the fools. It can also be booked for events so you can start buttering up your boss for next Christmas which is nearly as far away as America.

Mi casa.


G/F, ACTS Rednaxela, 8 Rednaxela Terrace, Mid-Levels
3559 9800


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