Mackinlay & Shackleton Scotch Shackleton’s Antarctic Whisky Recreated


When Ernest Shackleton left three crates of Mackinlay scotch in the Antarctic after his infamous failed expedition to reach the South Pole in 1907 (pictured) he had no idea what was to come. Or how rich he'd make Whyte & Mackay, owners of the Mackinlay brand, who've now recreated it. Some people have all the luck, eh? Who owns a thriving multinational and then stumbles across a treasure chest?

Shackleton's whisky was Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt, and each bottle was labelled 'Endurance Expedition' in honour of its special task. Those left behind were preserved by the ice until 2007 when they were discovered by the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust. A crate was taken to Canterbury where they were thawed and ten bottles emerged still in their original straw wrapping, completely intact. It must be the most calm, scientific response men have ever had to discovering a stash of whisky.

Three of the historic bottles were flown to Scotland where they were analysed by Richard Paterson, the master blender at Whyte & Mackay, and his team. They discovered its tasting notes, its 47.3% alc/vol, the fact Orkney peat was used in its malting, and that it had been matured in American white oak sherry casks amongst other things. Taking this information and using malts from Glen Mhor, Dalmore distilleries and the rest of Speyside; they've now recreated the whisky for your drinking pleasure. It comes in a rustic wooden box and it'll cost you GBP117 (HKD1,425) to get one shipped to Hong Kong. About as far from the Antarctic you can get.

Adventure in a bottle.


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