Amo Eno Wine Bar Opens Futuristic Wine Bar with Touch Screen Counters


Amo Eno is a new wine bar in the IFC with technology that would’ve made the Klingons wet their knickers, and that’s before you look at their wine list which has over 70 labels available by the glass. We’re well aware of Hong Kong’s love affair with wine but combined with the shininess of Amo Eno (Hong Kongers like shiny bars) we’re sure the public will take it to their bosom.

Amo Eno centres around futuristic touch screen bar counters - a world first - which let you search their wines according to various filters including colour, tasting notes and price. Annoyingly the bar tops won't be fully functional for a few months (Microsoft has let them down) but you can buy a shot’s worth to taste or half/full glasses to drink by swiping your personal RFID card. It’s like an Octopus without the legs. If that wasn’t enough you can rate the wines before uploading your thoughts to Facebook but to be honest we think people should keep a little more to themselves.

If you like what you’ve tasted you can buy a bottle straight away, and beyond wines by the glass they have over 700 labels in stock. Sourced from around the globe, they have obscure vintages and verticals by the dozen sitting next to an extraordinary selection of glassware and decanters. They can essentially handle all your drinking needs but they also have a little restaurant serving snacks and sandwiches including a macaroni and cheese which is saucier than a Berlusconi bunga bunga party.

All but an electronic breathalyser.

Amo Eno
Shop 3027, Podium Level 3
IFC, Central
2954 9922


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