Plaza Mayor Opens New Spanish Restaurant Serving Authentic Tapas


Over the last few years Hong Kong has seen an influx of Spanish restaurants but none serve the simple authentic tapas you'd find in Spain. Meeting that demand is the Martino family, Spaniards who've lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years and have just opened Plaza Mayor. We all love the idea of the Spanish lifestyle. Siestas and 10pm suppers - no wonder the Eurozone is in such trouble.

Unlike other Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong which are either very refined or serve a lot of bread based tapas, Plaza Mayor is all about the small, sizzling black dishes you'd find in Spain. It's only been open a few weeks so some of the cooking still needs refining but the 100% Iberico Ham is top notch, as is the chorizo al vino and the seafood paella. It's sharing food so it's ideal for boisterous gatherings but it's heavy on garlic so you probably won't be kissing anyone afterwards unless it's a terrified vampire.

The space is split down the middle and on one side you'll find a little store selling Spanish ham, cheese and wine. You can buy a bottle in the shop then take it next door to complement your tapas but until the restaurant interior is finished (still some work to do) you should do the opposite because the shop has more charm. The restaurant is made by its lack of fuss but also its wine list which offers excellent value. Bottles start at HK$120 and we'd wager the AVAN Nacimiento 2009 (HK$390) is the best label in the city for less than HK$400. In fact the wine is so reasonable, you'll end up spending twice as much.

Ole ole.

Plaza Mayor
G/ F, N9, Moon Street
2866 6644


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