Crown Wine Cellars Store and Savour Your Wine


Space in Hong Kong is a luxury. A basement cellar space an even greater luxury. So if you’re a serious wine collector, where the heck are you going to store your vino collection?

Crown Wine Cellars is the place – the city’s first professional wine cellar, where you can not only store your wine in six underground cellars, but also enjoy it with your meal in the clubhouse. Originally a WWII British Military weapons storage depot, the cellar’s bunkers are 20m underground and have 1m-thick concrete walls. Monthly membership varies from HK$688 - 860 per month and with that you get a certain amount of free bottles but you also have to pay a hefty joining fee upwards of HK$18,000.

The clubhouse, however, is where you can enjoy your wine. The most stunning of the three reception areas is the Conservatory – a 1,500 sq ft dining area housed in a colonial-style glasshouse that’s surrounded by greenery. Non-members can dine there for lunch and dinner upon reservation. You can also be invited as a member’s guest and attend the informal gathering on Tuesday nights (you will, however, be requested to buy a bottle from the Members’ Wine List).

Now that’s what we call wining in style.

Crown Wine Cellars
18 Deep Water Bay Drive, Shouson Hill,
2580 6287


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