Greyhound Café Opens Iconic Thai Restaurant Arrives in HK


The Greyhound Café, the legendary Thai restaurant, has arrived in Hong Kong. Located in the IFC, it’s the first Greyhound Café outside Thailand and it’s going to be a huge hit. It might sound like the meeting point for a Hell’s Angels convention or a greasy spoon that serves a side of baked beans with every dish but we can assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Diners can expect classic Thai food as well as new fangled creations with a twist. Signature offerings include Greyhound’s fried chicken wings, salmon carpaccio in spicy hot sauce, Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy and Pita Pizza with Italian Sausage. There are plenty of unorthodox European influences so if you prefer the adventurous Bear Grylls to Ray Mears then it’s the restaurant for you.

Fortune magazine described the first Greyhound Café as “The hottest seats in Bangkok” and the Hong Kong version is reasonably priced. Dishes typically cost about $110, while by far the most expensive item on the menu is the Angus sirloin at HK$248. Launched under the Gaia Group, the new eatery can seat 120 people and has a trendy interior which has whispers of Madam Sixty Ate about it. The one downer is it's in the IFC and no one over the age of 14 actually likes eating in a mall - but remember - we are in Hong Kong.

Straight out the blocks.

Greyhound Café
IFC Mall, Shop 1082 Podium Level 1, Central,
2383 1133


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