Les Copains d'Abord on Peng Chau Irresistible French Café/Deli on Peng Chau


Les Copains d'Abord is a small, French café on the island of Peng Chau, a cable car tow away from Discover Bay. Hong Kongers love a day trip to these kinds of places. It starts with a team email on Thursday afternoon explaining the plan, some excitable responses, an even more excitable Friday night, a Saturday morning of regret for agreeing to participate, but then somehow, it always turns itself around, finishing with an elated journey home. Everyone congratulates each other, glad they made the effort. Every time.

Aside from being a café, Les Copains d'Abord is a delicatessen and stocks a healthy selection of French wine. They also organise wine and food tastings, buffets, jazz concerts, cine-club, and best of all - petanque tournaments. How fabulously French. We can see old men wearing vests deeply engrossed in their game, pausing intermittently to sip pastis and curse their arthritic throwing hands.

Named after a French song about friendship by Georges Brassens, Les Copains d'Abord is growing in popularity so make sure you visit before it’s over run. It’s heavenly - you can enjoy a crisp bottle of rosé, explore a cheese platter, and then tuck into a charcuterie plate while overlooking Peng Chau’s main square. It’s a place to sit down and forget about the intensity of life in Hong Kong, not to mention how fabulous you are for making it there.

Let’s play boules.

Les Copains d'Abord
G/F, 46 Wing On Street front area, Peng Chau
Tel: 3483 0692
Website: Les Copains d'Abord


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