Madam Sixty Ate Ground Breaking Restaurant Opens in Wan Chai


Madam Sixty Ate opened yesterday in Wan Chai, a new restaurant that's packed full of imagination. Hong Kongers love hearing about exciting new restaurants – almost as much as they love hearing what you pay for rent – and last night we got a sneak preview.

The kitchen is headed by Chris Woodyard who is also one of the founders. Formerly the Culinary Director of the W Hotels in Hong Kong, he was bored with the W's constraints but rejected a massive offer to go to South America to spearhead this new venture instead. Coupled with his pedigree (his first restaurant in Oz received a 1 Hat Award which is equivalent to a Michelin star) his commitment leaves you with a very dirty napkin.

You can expect familiar concepts topped with Willy Wonka stardust. For instance, we had foie gras with tonic gel, zested orange and Guinness spicebread; roasted duck breast with 48 hour dehydrated poached plum; and vanilla mille feuille of crisp apple, rice pudding mousse and milk sorbet. Prices range from $40 for a little salad at lunch right up to a 7-course tasting menu for a very reasonable $680.

Despite the frills, Chris is adamant it won’t become a ‘special occasion only’ venue like his Sydney restaurant. The setting is relaxed and they have a terrace as well as a separate bar that serves noteworthy cocktails. You can go for just a drink but chances are laziness will win out and you’ll ask for a menu.

And you should.

Madam Sixty Ate
Shop 8, 1/F, The Podium, J Senses, 60 Johnston Rd. Wan Chai
Discount: 50% off food during their preview period,
 which runs roughly until the end of the month
Tel: 2527 2558


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