How To Make a Martini How To...Make a Martini


As a symbol of sophistication and elegance, few cocktails have reached such giddying heights, and it’s your responsibility as a gentleman, to be able to create the perfect martini, as a host or a date. Martinis can be made with either vodka or gin, but in this instance we are going with the more contemporary style, the classic vodkatini.

Step 1 – You’ll need some dry Martini & Rossi vermouth, a good vodka like Belvedere, Grey Goose or Kettle One,  a shaker or Boston bar glass, bar spoon, a peeler or rinder, cold dry ice and olives.

Step 2 – Fill your Boston shaker with dry cracked ice. This helps dilute the vodka in the shaking process, while also making sure the cocktail is nice and cold.

Step 3
– Now add 5ml of Vermouth (enough to cover the bottom of the vermouth’s up-turned cap). The less vermouth, the “drier” the martini is. Add 60ml of vodka and shake with the shaker clasped by both hand, but shaken over one shoulder.

Step 4 – Use a strainer (hawthorn is most common on a bar) to poor the liquid from the ice, and into a pre-chilled martini glass.

Step 5- You can garnish with a lemon twist by cutting the white rind away and leaving just the oil leathery shin. Twist around your bar spoon for a few second so that the twist  will keep its form. Alternatively use large green olives that have been soaking in brine (for a real effect by olives stuffed with gorgonzola cheese).


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