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Did you know the first business cards appeared in 17th century Europe, where they announced the impending arrival of nobility? The more common these rudimentary cards became, the more people tried to define their status with them, using gold etching, different fonts and expensive imported paper to make a strong first impression. Today, the business card is a vital component of the modern gentleman’s urban armour – especially in Asia where they are a very real part of doing business – and if you want to ensure victory at your next American Psycho-esque corporate card off, then we have something you need to see.

Pure Metal Cards make business cards that not only stand the test of time but create an instant talking point. From industrial-chic stainless steel and sophisticated matte black through to 22-carat gold, these cards are more than just notifications of your arrival – they’re statements of style that won’t be so easily thrown away. While the gold-coated cards might be a bit garish for anyone other than a Saudi prince or a James Bond villain, Pure Metal also make stylish one or twin-sided business cards in carbon fibre, brass and eye-catching copper, while mini cards and USB cards rigged with personalised high-res images and video are also available. Here’s to first impressions.

And reinforced suit pants pockets.

Pure Metal Cards
From US$699 for 200 in stainless steel


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Pure Metal Cards

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