Wednesday, 29.3.2017 Recruiting Best way to Find (or Fill) a Job in HK


We all like to help a brother out, but goes that extra mile by essentially paying you to refer your mates for jobs. Here's how it works. The crowd sourced recruiting platform allows employers to post a job vacancy along with the bounty they're willing to pay the person who refers a successful hire. So, you can join for free and earn money by referring your pals for jobs. Your friends end up in your debt forever and you get cash rich. It's a no brainer.

Users can peruse the available jobs, check out the bounties, and see if any of their friends are suitable. Perhaps you know a quality interior designer? There’s a HK$30,000 reward for that particular hire at the moment. Or a financial support analyst? Or a sales manager? Or a web developer? They’re all listed on with a golden handshake at the end of it. It’s basically free money - and that’s the best kind of money because you can spend it on ridiculous things like drinking beer in space.
Employers only pay for successful hires, so unlike most recruitment sites it doesn’t cost to advertise. It also means companies can tailor their costings to the market. Imagine trying to find a nuclear physicist for HK$5,000. You might get lucky but if that doesn’t work you can up your bounty. It makes you wonder whether you should give up your day job and just take up referring your mates full time.

Who said money doesn't buy happiness?


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