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If you want to retire with a Ferrari in the garage and enough cash to withstand a Pyongyang led nuclear winter, International Financial Services is the place for you. They provide bespoke financial advice for expats in Asia, helping them to get the most out of their wallets. So, whether you want to safeguard your children's education or make sure the tax man doesn't run off with your retirement fund, they'll provide truly independent financial advice.

In a history spanning over 16 years, iFS has established a global reputation for its holistic, personal approach. The company is more interested in your desire to build your wealth than your current net asset position, and will tailor-make a portfolio to suit your particular needs. Crucially, their services include Asset Structuring and Wealth Management, assisting you as you plan for retirement or little Johnny's education. They'll protect you, your family or your business against the worst possible outcomes - and help you collect a few toys while you're at it.

At the heart of iFS's processes are the personal relationships they form with their clients and detailed reviews. The company's experienced team begins by assessing your individual financial standing, tax situation and attitude to risk. After taking into account your goals, they'll offer you a custom built solution to get you that private island with minimal effort on your part. Essentially, iFS will structure your assets to turn you into a HNWI if you're not one already, with regular reviews to keep you up to date with your portfolio. It's the first spreadsheet you'll want to cuddle.

To get an initial review - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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