Smart Dot Laser Pointer Laser Pointer PowerPoint Pen for iPhone


Giving a presentation isn't the coolest thing in the world (unless your name is Steve and you wear, sorry wore, black turtle necks) but it can be the most embarrassing thing in the world. You're up there talking to the screen while they're down there tapping on their phones wondering why Phyllis hasn't come in with the HobNobs. But the cardinal sin is pointing at your presentation with your finger. That's just schoolboy.

Fortunately, we've come across Smart Dot. It's basically a Swiss army knife for PowerPoint that plugs into the audio jack of your iPhone. Once you've downloaded the free app, you can use the laser on the front to point at the correct part of the screen without using the most rudimentary tool - the human finger. It also doubles as a stylus, but the best part is that by turning your iPhone into a laser you're adding an extra 20% of value to your presentation regardless of the content.

Priced at US$80, once you've put the device on presentation mode (and hooked it up to your computer via WiFi or hotspot) you can control your whole pitch from the palm of your hand. You simply click forward or back to move the slides, use a mini trackpad to control the mouse, and of course shine the laser into any annoying colleagues' eyes. It's covered well in this little video except for the last part when they call it a 'sensational fashion icon'. Don't think Karl Lagerfeld would've signed off on that one.

Work and lasers: an unlikely marriage.


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