The Hive HK Workspace HK’s First Workspace for Creatives & Freelancers


The Hive is Hong Kong’s first dedicated workspace for creatives and freelancers to mingle, work, create or… lance. If you’re one of the above, it’s a godsend. Working from home sounds dreamy but in reality it’s a slow death from miscellaneous news cruising, snacking and procrastibation (procrastination meets masturbation). In The Hive, you’ll be surrounded by your peers so you’ll be compelled to work. And the bottom line is at least you can’t look at XXX websites.

Found in Wan Chai, the space is split into a few major areas including workstations, a library, a meeting room, a print room - and for extra special slackers - a sun terrace. The facility has high-speed internet throughout, free tea and coffee, storage lockers for each member, and best of all, it’s a nice place to be. The idea is to engender a sense of community which is essential because otherwise you’d just go there to steal ideas from your betters.

The Hive offers various tiers of membership from a one-day pass (HK$300) to a part-time subscription (HK$2,800/month) to workstation membership (HK$6,000) which shotguns you a permanent desk. So no one can play with your ruler. It’s open 24/7 and waives certain fees if you’re involved in a start-up business or a social enterprise. Overall it’s got a great feel, and we just hope that unlike most of the freelancers who'll frequent it, they can actually make a business out of it.

Where the worker bees call home.


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