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Expert Insight is an online service that connects you with hundreds of industry leaders for a price. You essentially pay a fee, anywhere from US$25 to several thousand dollars, for a one-on-one Skype session with an author, an economist a marketeer or any number of professionals. They’ve even got a poker champion which could be lucrative if you split the session between your friends and then hop on a ferry to Macau. You can smell the feint whiff of film rights.

Established by Brandon Adams, research assistant for Michael Lewis's The Big Short, Expert Insight isn’t well laid out but it’s a good idea that we imagine will continue to grow. The service is still in its beta phase but notable figures available today include Daymond John, CEO & Founder of FUBU, and Gary Becker, a Nobel winning Economist who charges US$5,000/hour (pictured). It's amazing that you can earn gazillions and still look like a Latin teacher.

The other big fish is Freakonomics author Steven Levitt who hasn’t published his hourly rate and is yet to sell an appointment but doesn't seem bothered. He told NY Magazine, "I have four young children, and I like to play golf. I would have to charge a really high price to make it worth my time." Nice for some isn't it. If you’ve got a business plan that you'd like to run by an expert, or if your business is struggling and you want some advice, Expert Insight could be your solution. Plus your Skype address book will look a lot punchier.

Show him the money.


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