Pacific Prime Expat Insurance Clever Dormancy Clause Unveiled


Pacific Prime and Allianz Worldwide Care have jointly unveiled a dormancy clause which means expats can buy one health insurance policy, pause it when they obtain coverage from their employer, and then re-activate it whenever they're between jobs. It's an innovative idea because the average expat gobbles up three to four jobs every 15 years. Unless we're indestructible like Bear Grylls, we have to get a new insurance policy every time we leave one employer's coverage and haven't joined the warm embrace of the next.

The Allianz Dormancy Plan solves the headache and is only available through Pacific Prime in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Apart from offering you instant coverage when you re-activate it, it also doesn't penalise you for any medical conditions you pick up while it's dormant. For instance, if you buy expat health insurance with a dormancy plan, pause it while you work for PCCW (heaven forbid), pick up scabies, and then re-activate it once you've left PCCW (praise the heavens) your scabies treatment will still be covered by the original policy.

Typically, any medical conditions developed on your previous corporate health insurance would be considered "pre-existing" and wouldn't be covered by a new dose of health insurance. With the dormancy plan, however, you can summon your old policy with no additional underwriting. It means you can quit your job, re-activate your cover despite your scabies and go bananas in Colombia while being safely insured up to your eyeballs. And then go back to the daily grind.

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