Wednesday, 29.3.2017

Diamonds & Breakfast in Wagyu For the Investor & the Collector


Diamond Rock Investors (DRI), the rare stone investment managers, are holding a breakfast talk in Wagyu before work on Wednesday, December 7. The breakfast is free but the diamonds aren't, which means you could be looking at a bargain or a pretty expensive start to the day. Either way, you should have as many croissants as possible.

It's essentially a relaxed if sleepy way to acquaint yourself with this alternative investment. The company's principal, Benjamin Sweetman, is flying over from New York to chat about its services, and no doubt slug coffee to stave off jet lag. Over the last 50 years diamonds have performed as well as gold without the volatility, while demand in Mainland China grew 25% last year alone. If you're looking to diversify your portfolio it's worth putting your head in - just don't tell your lady friend or she might get a little too excited.
Aside from being able to carry your wealth around with you (particularly useful in neo-apocalyptic scenarios) diamonds have intrinsic value and can also hold historic appeal as collectors' pieces. Similarly, with Christmas approaching, if you want to buy a ring for that special someone, DRI will help you build it from the bottom up. Rather than giving all your money to a brand whose name you pay for as well as the stone, you can create a ring with DRI and buy yourself a toy while you're at it.

To register for the event (starting at 7.30am) please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Partner Pulsit)

Diamond Rock Investors
9F, Tak Lee Commercial Centre
113-117 Wanchai Road, Wanchai
8121 1914


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