Visual.Ly Mind-Blowing Data Visualisations


Visual.Ly produces some of the most dynamic data visualizations on the web and if you think that’s dull check out this video. They take data - the most boring thing in the world including Gordon Brown - and make it interesting. How they do it is beyond us. They must be able to persuade people to invest in the must ludicrous projects but we’re just happy for all those people married to Excel spreadsheets. Here's a way to butter up to your boss at your next presentation.

According to the company, infographics and data visualizations ‘help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and presenting it in visual shorthand.’ Look at this incredible scale of the universe for instance. They essentially take raw information and put it in graphics which are easier for the brain to understand than words or numbers. If only they’d primed our maths teachers before we’d set about long division they’d have saved a lot of paper.

Visual.Ly acts as a platform for infographics, promoting the best examples on the web, providing a place to share and promote work and of course delivering paid for visualizations on request. Intriguingly, they’re also developing a tool which will allow everyone to create professional quality designs with their own data. The potential is enormous not least for embarrassing speeches at weddings charting the groom’s sexual history.

Seeing is believing.



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