HardlyWorkin Programme Turns Facebook into Spreadsheet to Play at Work


HardlyWork.in translates your Facebook account into an Excel spreadsheet so you can muck around at work without raising suspicion. It’s an ingenious idea, clearly created by someone who loves social networking but hates work. It’s pretty dangerous - of all the sites in the world, an average employee will visit Facebook 7 times out of 100. God we hate Mark Zuckerberg.

The converted spreadsheet features links to your wall, new posts and recently tagged photos while if you hover over comments, ‘Likes’, names and links then more information will be displayed. You can also search for friends in the formula bar which is ideal for Facebook stalkers who spend an eternity tracking their crushes, enemies and Facebook Filler Friends.

Another nice feature is that if you hit the spacebar (called the ‘Bosskey’) the spreadsheet will disappear. Even thought it’s a dry looking spreadsheet, it’s a useful function to have if you have a militant boss with an eye for sniffing out time wasting. The integration with Facebook is excellent but we fear the impact on your productivity will be catastrophic. You could even produce a spreadsheet charting your demise.

As exciting as Excel will ever be.



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