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Best Things To Do For Less Than HK$100 Hong Kong is renowned for its exorbitant prices so we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do for less than HKD100 as well as some of the more outrageous ways to spend that ton.


Buy a Tent and Camp at Ham Tim Beach

Tai Long Wan is a nice beach but it’s the ugly duckling compared with neighbouring Ham Tin. You can buy a tent in RC Outfitters in Causeway Bay for HKD100 and then it’s just a matter of praying it doesn’t rain because unfortunately it’s not waterproof. When the sun is out the beach vies with the best of Thailand (below). It’s an hour and 45 minute schlep to get there but when you emerge from the narrow jungle path to see the vast, beautiful expanse of sand in front of you, it’s more than worth it. The beach also boasts a little Chinese restaurant which serves beer and sells other little important camping amenities such as charcoal.

RC Outfitters, 2/F, Kin Tak Fung Commercial Building, 467-473 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay (near MTR exit C). Tel, 2390 0020.

Salt & Pepper Squid in the Ngau Kee Food Café

On the corner of Gough Street and Aberdeen Street you’ll find the Ngau Kee Food Café. Many of you will have walked past this little eatery and some of you may have even eaten there but we cannot recommend the salt and pepper squid highly enough. Go in a group and you can order several dishes (the squid’s the only must) and you’ll never spend more than HKD100. Never. Even when it’s washed down with lashings of Tsingtao you can’t seem to break that barrier - it’s one of those universal constants.

G/F, 3 Gough Street, Central. Tel, 2546 2584

Most Expensive MTR Journey

The MTR is notoriously cheap… in most cases. The most expensive single journey you can take is from Tung Chung to Lok Ma Chau and costs a staggering HKD48. When you take into account the return journey, that leaves you with a derisory three dollars to flutter away in Lok Ma Chau, which is just as well really because it’s defined by one thing and one thing only – wetlands.


Pacific Cigar Divan, Central

For legal reasons we don’t condone cigar smoking but if you enjoy being in a ‘nice’ place the Pacific Cigar Divan in Central can’t be beat. The lounge is ideally furnished for its purpose, is centrally located and has a great selection of those long, brown, sticky things for less than $100. Go with some mates, buy one, sit back and have an afternoon on their epic balcony overlooking the harbour.

Pacific Cigar Divan, 24/F, Euro Trade Centre, 21-23 Des Voeux Road, Central, 2530 9388

10 Olives in Sevva

Obviously, we don’t expect you to do this – nor do we think it’s a good idea – but we think it’s worth mentioning you can take your HKD100 and buy some olives in Sevva (below). 10 of them to be precise. Their standard rate is actually HKD150 for 15 olives but they said they’d produce a smaller bowl on request. It’s a staggering amount to pay for 10 olives but that doesn’t even include the service charge so you’d actually be looking at the sharp end of HKD110.

Sevva, 25/f, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, 2537 1388

Art Jam with 10 People at Oscary Wine & Art

Art jamming is a lot of fun and one company in particular offers better bang for your buck than any other - Oscary Wine & Art in Sheung Wan. Their cheapest deal is nominally HK$150 including two soft drinks from Monday - Thursday, but Sam, the manager, said if you get 10 people in or more, she’d be happy to let you play around for HKD100 per person. For that price you’ll get two drinks, a canvas and enough paint to make the dry cleaners very wealthy indeed.

Oscary Wine & Art, 8A, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, 2964-911, Facebook Page


Char Sui Fan & Beer Picnic in Victoria Peak Garden

There’s something about picnics which is very special, particularly when wicker baskets are involved, red and white chequered rugs and impossibly lustrous, blonde hair. They can also be very cheap. Grab some char siu fan from the Yung Kee restaurant ($33), a deck of four Carlsbergs from 7-Eleven ($24) and head up to the Victoria Peak Garden for a lovely afternoon. Best of all you can get up and down on the venerable tram ($40 return) and stay under budget.

Yung Kee, 32-40 Wellington Street, 2522 1624 &

Room for Half an Hour in Ming Court, Wan Chai

There are plenty of places in Wan Chai you can get a room for an hourly rate, but by far the best named is Ming Court. Their rooms costs HKD140 for an hour, but when we pretended to be a customer we haggled them down to HKD100 for half an hour. Which is all the time you need …

Ming Court, Flat A-C, 2/F, Hong Kong Building, 141 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, 2135 8692

Play Football Under Floodlights on Astroturf Nr. Central

We love to malign the lack of space in Hong Kong but you can actually play football on Astroturf near Central. The artificial surface at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre is in tip top condition and even has floodlights. We reckon it’s the perfect size for a game of 8 or 9 aside and it costs just 336/hour under lights. Between 18 of you that’s an absolute bargain and it’s only a 15 minute walk from the Sheung Wan MTR.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre, 18 Eastern Street North, Sai Ying Pun, 2858 2493,

hong kong  - st johns cathedral 2

10 Coronas on Fridays at Carnergie’s

We love a beer. Sure. And what better way to drink a beer than by having lots of it, cheaply. Carnegie's the ill-respected Wan Chai establishment, sells Coronas for just HKD10 each on Friday nights. It’s the perfect beer for Hong Kong’s heat. The downside of spending HKD100 on 10 Coronas in Carnegie's, however, is it will probably involve an embarrassing boogie on the bar with scantily-clad 15 year olds. Once again, something we don’t condone.

Carnergie’s, G/F Spa Centre, 53-55 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Tel, 28666289.

Concerts in St John’s Cathedral, Central

St John's Cathedral (above) isn’t just used for praying. Attached to the church is a 100-seater hall that hosts regular classical concerts. It’s generally used by local groups with tickets ranging from free to $100. If you want to find out more simply give the cathedral a call or have a look at the west doors where they pin up flyers for upcoming events.

St John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, 2523 4157

Michelin Starred Dim Sum in Mong Kok

You’ve probably all heard of it but we couldn’t leave out Tim Ho Wan. This Mong Kok institution is the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world. Two people can happily eat here for less than $100 - though you can expect to wait a considerable amount of time for a table. They can only seat about 20 people so once you’ve grabbed a ticket you normally end up spending what you were going to save on lunch by shopping in the surrounding area anyway.

Tim Ho Wan,  2-8 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, 2332 2896


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