Wednesday, 22.11.2017

MyUS Finest U.S. Package Forwarding Service


Forwarding packages around the world so customers can beat extortionate prices at home isn’t glamorous but it is invaluable, and no one does it better than If there’s something you want from America – whether Levi’s or a lifetime’s supply of Lucky Charms – they’re number one.

You can use the service to buy from U.S. retail websites, eBay auctions and wholesalers – and it’s a lot easier than buying the goods in Hong Kong, saving you that exhausting fight with the crowds in Causeway Bay.

The service has 30,000 customers which is a decent attendance for a football game and the U.S. Department of Commerce named it an Exporter of the Year in 2009. They give you a unique American address to fool the domestic retailers, consolidate all your purchases into one package to save on shipping and offer a personal shopping service which solves the problem of needing a U.S. credit card to shop at a lot of American stores.

What's more, plenty of retailers in the States don’t ship internationally so does it for them, while lots of shops like Ralph Lauren are featured in Hong Kong but it’s much cheaper to use instead. All of its packages can also be tracked online so you can finally live under a tarpaulin and becoming a recluse.

You can’t forget the joy of receiving an enormous package either. It’s like finding a $100 bill in your pocket, or eating someone else’s cheeseburger and getting the pickle. A moment of pure excitement.

Presents for yours truly.


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