Hong Kong Art Fair HK's Seminal Art Fair Kicks Off Today


Even if you're unbeaten at FIFA in 2011 and even if your interests are no more diverse than the average welder's, the Hong Kong International Art Fair is a seminal, annual event that practically everyone in Hong Kong attends.

It’s a tough place to navigate, consisting of a huge room with a vast selection of art in it. Consequently, if you’re to avoid the fatigue of a 13 year old on a school trip in the Guggenheim, you’ve got to speed through or be quite selective about your viewing.

There’s plenty of stuff that will have you shouting gleefully to your friends to have a look at because it’s just so pointless and awful, but there’s also some top material by artists ranging from relative obscurity to the heady inhabitants of the upper echelons of the art world.

Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong’s most prominent galleries are involved such as 10 Chancery Lane and Contemporary by Angela Li, but there’s also some international clout in the shape of the NANZUKA UNDERGROUND (Japan), Project 88 (India) and Sprueth Magers Berlin London.

Prices range from HK8,000-80,000,000, which when you think about it, is extraordinary. Can you imagine having the power to walk into a space and write a cheque for eighty million dollars for a piece of art? What a world that would be to live in. We can always dream though, and we can always window shop.

It's a must.

Hong Kong International Art Fair
Location: HKCEC, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai
Dates: May 26-29
Price: HK$250
Tickets: 3128 8288 / www.hkticketing.com


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